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Hey YAG Family,

The Young Caring for Our Young Foundation and Tee Box Indoor Golf are holding a two-person scramble tournament from March 1-15 to raise donations for the KIND Fund.

The KIND Fund is an initiative to help clothe children in need. Each team can enter the tournament for a $150 registration fee, which will clothe one child through the KIND Fund. Once a team has registered, they will be able to select their tee times, and which Tee Box locations they’ll be participating from.

We’re hoping to clothe 200 children in need during the tournament. The winners will be announced on March 15 at Tee Box’s Kaysville location on 559 Deseret Dr at 6 p.m. During the announcement ceremony, a charity auction will be held — where Tee Box will offer their lounge for a Jazz game, allowing up to 60 people to attend.

All tournament proceeds will be donated to the KIND Fund. To register, visit:

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