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Literacy Initiatives

As a foundation, we’ve donated school supplies and books to thousands of students in our communities as well as supported teachers with grants and additional supplies including computers for classrooms.  We have also provide Teachers of the Year with a free vehicle for a year, including insurance and gas. With initiatives like Stuff the Bus and Teacher of the Year, we strive to help each school district craft an educational experience that all kids can thrive in.

Ensuring Literacy

The ability to read is a tool that helps children navigate their path to success.  We empower educators and students in their educational journey through multiple initiatives.  Scroll through to learn more.

Kids Books & Supplies

Stuff the bus

Our Kia Stuff the Bus events provide much needed school supplies to children in our communities.

Teacher of the year

Our Mazda and Kia Teacher of the Year events showcase teachers who provide the best in literacy and child development.

Subaru Loves Learning

Subaru Loves Learning event helps provide teachers with funding to purchase the school supplies and resources needed in the community

Upcoming Events