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In 2022, our foundation launched a program that would revolutionize how children in need receive clothing and essentials assistance. Standing for Kids In NeeD, the KIND Fund empowers educators, donors and volunteers to brighten lives one student at a time


How the KIND Fund Works

Educators identify students in need of clothes, shoes, coats, or other items, and submit a request for KIND Fund assistance. Then, a volunteer is given a $150 gift card to shop for the child. 

Once the volunteer has shopped for the items, they deliver them directly to the school, where the educator can give them to the child. 

The KIND Fund has already helped over 4,000 children. Join the movement by downloading our app “KIND Fund” on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.


Few individuals play a bigger role in a child’s development than those at our schools. Provide KIND Fund assistance to a student in need by downloading our app “KIND Fund.


Donations of any size can bring a child one step closer to the wardrobe they deserve. Visit our page on GiveButter or download our app to donate to the KIND Fund.

Jacob Sobers Kids KIND Fund Photo


Volunteering with the KIND Fund is one of the simplest ways to improve the lives of those in your community. Download the app to make a financial contribution or a donation of your time.

It only takes an afternoon shopping trip to make a difference. Download the KIND Fund app to start volunteering today.

KIND Fund App

Our Kind Fund app is where all educator requests and volunteer registrations are processed. Search for “KIND Fund” in Apple App Store or Google Play Store and look for an icon with a heart that says “BE KIND” in the middle. 

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