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Hey YAG Family,

Last week, the Young Caring for Our Young Foundation delivered the coats collected by dealerships to Coates 4 Kids Charity.

An initiative that started with a 25 coat donation, Coates 4 Kids is an operation that now delivers winter clothing to children across Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. This year, the Young Automotive Group’s Utah dealerships donated 440 coats to their cause.

“Partnering up with the Young Caring for Our Young Foundation for us has been phenomenal and amazing,” Sara Coates Wilder from Coates 4 Kids Charity said. “You’re not trying to go like ‘we do this and they do that.’ Instead, you’re joining together and you have the superpower to not only provide the coats to the kids, but [Young Caring for Our Young] is providing the food and clothing and hygiene kits and basic needs that everybody needs.”

Along with what was donated to Coates 4 Kids, dealerships in Burley collected 103 coats and Young Mazda Missoula collected 55 coats as well as 55 snow pants. These collections will be donated to schools near the dealerships.

Thanks to everyone who donated this year! Check out these highlights:

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